The Art of the Orange


Morning Bloggers:) Happy Saturday! Just wanted to share our quick morning breakfast and the delightful craft-tastic idea that followed.

While prepping our fruit salad and bacon breakfast this morning {yum} I was feeling a bit nostalgic, and I decided to make this fabulous “Mama” inspired potpourri!  As a kid growing up my Mom used to smell the house all up with different flavors of potpourri that she would boil on the stove. We would come running up the stairs {our kitchen was upstairs} after school thinking for sure we had a big pie waiting for us in the kitchen.  Although, I’m not into the art of trickery I definitely love the way this makes my house smell like a home 🙂 And I want my beautiful family to experience it too! Maybe even make memories in the process…


Ok, lets get to it already…

Quick Breakfast

serves 3

4 Ripe Kiwi

1 Banana

1 Orange {saving the peels}

9 slices nitrate/nitrite free Bacon 

  • –Fill a bowl with your sliced and peeled fruit! Serve with a plate full of deliciously crisp bacon.

Enjoy your allergy free & clean eats!–


The peels of an orange




Fill a medium-sized pot half way with water.

Add orange peels {more than one if you want a stronger smell}.

You can add either a cinnamon stick or just some ground cinnamon, your choice.

Add a few good shakes though if you choose the ground.  

Then pour in about a teaspoon of vanilla.

Voila! Let this come to a boil, then reduce to a very low simmer.–I usually let this go for an hour or two in my home. You have to check it regularly to make sure it doesn’t dry up!!! Very important!! When the water is running a little low just fill it back up to half way and let it simmer down again.–


I hope you enjoy your weekend!