Back to Basics

In order to get started on our lifestyle change we needed to get rid of all the processed junk that consumed our daily menu. This was hard at first as our bodies craved what we were so well acquainted with.

I recommend if this is something your interested in doing (eating clean) that you {1} get your mind set and be dedicated and {2} remove those unhealthy foods slowly. Removing them all at once could lead to a lower success rate or -not to be rude- turn you into a major grump butt! I am all too familiar with the later because of how I had to abruptly cut certain things out of my diet for my sons health while breastfeeding 😉 —

Our first trip to the grocery store was both easy and difficult!! Had I not been dedicated to doing right by my family it would have been second nature to walk over to those dreaded middle isles and fill my cart with junk! Instead I noticed how much of the store I didn’t have to hassle with! I stuck mainly to the outside sections with all the fruit, veggies, and meats! What a breeze! After that I grabbed a few extra staples for the pantry – cooking oils, some canned goods, bottle water- keeping in mind I need to check any labels for foods my son might be allergic to. Then I headed home to make magic happen!

My advice… baby steps!