Food for thought…

For those who think clean eating isn’t yummy… you clearly haven’t searched “paleo desserts” on Pinterest! – Jennifer

I struggle sometimes with my sons allergies because the root of most paleo baked goods start with using some kind of nut or nut flour. So many of them contain eggs too. Now, we can’t eat those in our home but those who can should really enjoy the paleo lifestyle! Your options for {not only dessert} mealtime are plenty! Why not give it a try, right?

We hope and pray every day that one day Blake’s allergies will just go away, but even though, we still face the facts daily and continue with our clean eating lifestyle. We have a strong dedication to health when it would be so much simpler to just give in and go with the masses. I am glad that I stuck this out with my family though. My son isn’t consumed by sugary products and is rarely sick. He is totally content with eating fruit for dessert and no….he isn’t missing out on any memorable piece of childhood because he can’t eat a s’more at a campfire. His moods are fairly level {for a toddler} and he is just as loving as any other child💙 Although, we are restricted in some ways from being completely paleo, this lifestyle change has been worth the experience. And it is all due to Blake’s allergies! Even if my sweet tot doesn’t outgrow some of the allergies he has, we still have plenty of options to keeping things yummy and healthy!

If you are dealing with allergies in your family while trying to continue a healthy diet {YOU ARE NOT ALONE}! And kudos to you for the effort you put in each day! If you don’t struggle with allergies and are a clean eater {Eat a yummy dessert for me} and WTG for keeping it clean!

That’s all this morning:) My family should be waking up soon and we all hope you have a happy Sunday!