Just A Banana

Did you know that food companies are not required to label their products with: “made in the same facility as” or “may contain”? That those who do that, do it voluntarily!

So it leaves us parents of children with food allergies (or anyone with food allergies) the job of finding out for ourselves.

What I do with any and all pre packaged food I bring into my home is call the company or email the company to get a direct answer on the exact product. (For example the unsweetened cocoa I use to make desserts)

Many of you may think that is a little extreme…. And your right! But you’re also wrong. My sons life is very important to me, and when he is this young it is my responsibility to keep him safe and out of harms reach. So I would do just about anything to keep him safe. So for that reason, I wouldn’t say that calling the companies is extreme at all.

It’s when your pantry is so jam packed with processed and pre packaged foods that all that calling and email seems a bit extreme. Who has time for all that? I certainly don’t. And I could think of a thousand other ways I would rather be spending my time… Like playing with my sweet toddler or reading him a story…. I may even find time to paint my toes!

This, my friends, is only one of the reasons my family eats clean (besides its over all health benefits)! So when I go into my fridge to get a snack for my son, he can eat it assured that there is no hidden allergen ready to take him down. When I grab him a banana {his fave snack} I know what he is eating is just a banana:)

So, you choose! There is a long list of beneficial reasons to start eating clean. Bring on the snarky comments and the crazy looks… Me and my family are proud to admit we are of the clean eating population!

Thanks for reading-
Jennifer 🙂