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Welcome to my blog!

This blog is a result of a caring mothers kitchen and the laundry list of do’s and dont’s I have been faced with. I will share some of the recipes that me and my family enjoy that not only follow a paleolithic lifestyle, but -due to food allergies- are free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and grains. Oh-yeah! And they are 100% edible and delish!

What do I mean when I say “paleolithic lifestyle”?

When I try to describe Paleo, one word comes to mind… sustenance.  I’m talking REAL food! Food that you eat and still feel good afterwards. Food that makes you  gain energy instead of lose it.  Food that fuels you and gives you the energy you need to keep up with  this insanely busy world and maybe even possibly have a little you time at the end of the day.

Most – but not all- paleo diets rely on nutrients gained from grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, wild caught fish, nuts and seeds. Paleo dieters tend to pass on everything processed, along with grains, legumes, dairy products (some consume raw dairy), refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

So , after adding in the food allergies … what are you left with?

Tons of delicious and nutritious foods!  Although, food allergies are far from what anyone wants to have to deal with on a daily basis, we learn to. Why? Because most often it is a matter of life and … well… you know.  While some people may only acquire a couple of red bumps when coming in contact with a food allergen, others deal with the daily fear of going into anaphylactic shock!  Food allergies are no joke! So, while you may feel the stresses that come with eating an allergy free diet, I think we can all agree that we do it without hesitation!     

Eating healthy is a choice me and my family made to help lower the risk of my son coming into contact with food allergens. When we limit the amount of processed foods we eat, we limit our chances of coming into contact with a food allergen. We use whole, real foods to cook with and therefore, have no concerns about de-coding ingredient lists. We do still check our labels for products made in the same facility as, but that is very minimal when the majority of our food is fresh. We have avoided processed foods and are now full on Paleo and consequently reaping the benefits from our healthy lifestyle! The merge into a full-on Paleo lifestyle is no easy task, but I would always recommend it! Here are some other benefits to eating a healthy diet and avoiding the overly processed, sugary foods that consume a lot of todays food industry…

  • improve skin {the largest organ in the human body} and hair
  • mental clarity
  • better levels of energy
  • a better nights sleep
  • a better attitude with fewer mood swings
  • fewer sugar cravings
  • helps in weight management
  • lower the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • improves blood pressure
  • reduces the levels of diabetes
  • healthier gut
  • ability to better absorb nutrients from food
  • reduced allergies

This is just a small overview of the several benefits that research shows to improve while following a paleo diet.  I am not a professional. I am just passionate in my ways of healthy eating and have a great reason to do so. With every opportunity I have, I will attempt to make delicious, allerfy-free paleo treats for you and your friends and family to enjoy!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and please, feel free to share and leave feedback 🙂




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