Pineapple Turkey Slider Stacks

No Gluten, Grain, Nuts, Eggs, Dairy, Soy or Refined Sugar!


Isn’t it great? The ability to dress a burger in a gazillion ways!! I have always been a fan of pineapple and ham, so I knew that pineapple on a turkey slider would be just as delish. I really do think I falling into something close to love with cooking… 🙂



Pineapple Turkey Slider Stacks


1 lb ground turkey burger (I get mine from here)
1 can organic sliced pineapple – or fresh
1 yellow onion
garlic powder
ground black pepper
2 T coconut oil


Prep- cute ends off of onion, gently slice the skin and peel off trying not to pierce the onion much (The concept is to get a bunch of little rings.) Then lay onion on its side and slice rings off- not too thick!
Heat coconut oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
Once hot (about 1-2 minutes) add onion rings and stir.
Let onions cook on medium for about 8 minutes and then turn heat to med-low and cook until onions are browned- stir so they don’t burn. – I had to start pulling the small ones off first so they didn’t overcook.
When all onions are done, turn heat back up to medium and add pineapple slices to pan.
Let slices sear on each side for about 5 minutes- until brownish 😉
While pineapples cook add desired spices to  meat and mix. I added a little more garlic powder and pepper to give a spicy taste. Then a pinch or two of basil.
After pineapples are browned, start shaping your sliders (mini burgers) and placing them on the medium heated skillet.
Let cook (3 minutes on each side) until brown and then flip every minute until done cooking.
Stack your burger on top of a lettuce leaf. Then add pineapple and top with a mountain of caramelized onions!!

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