Chocolate Spice Pudding/Frosting

Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Egg, Nut, Soy & Refined Sugar Free!


Okay, so despite this recipes mixed reviews from the hubs- I think it’s a texture thing– I am posting because I think it is amazing!! Initially I wanted to try my hand at making a frosting that was not coconut oil based for two reasons: One- the coconut oil frosting tends to melt super fast and I am not a huge fan of the trouble it causes on a warm cupcake! Two- if you can’t tolerate coconut oil you need another option, right?!

Well, making something sweet with an avocado may sound a little crazy but its light flavor combined with its amazingly sturdy texture makes for a great base to build a recipe around! After making my chocolate zucchini muffins, I found that carob powder has a bit of a spice taste to it that mixes very well with sweets {Duh!…says all my vegan friends.} and it hit my taste buds just right which inspired me to make a carob powder, avocado based frosting. Luckily the texture of this is something like a pudding frosting and can be eaten either way! This frosting is very rich and creamy and to me… a TOTAL fix for any chocolate craving! Luckily it is also healthy.. or else I may be in trouble 😉


If you dare try this one out please leave me some feedback! Let me know if you prefer this better as a frosting or a pudding. And feel free to play with the recipe to better suit your taste buds, but don’t forget to share your recipe in the comment box below!



Chocolate Spice Pudding/Frosting

1 ripe avocado
1 t cinnamon
1/8 c carob/cocoa powder
2 T maple syrup
1/4 t vanilla extract
1 t honey
dash of salt

Rinse avocado well. Cut from stem to stem and remove pit.
Spoon out avocado meat.
Whip all ingredients in a blender or stand mixer until fluffy! 
Serve as pudding or as a frosting!

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