Apple Pie Muffins

Hello fellow HealthyAllergyNuts! This is my last blog before I leave for vacation for TWO weeks!!! {Yay!!} First, we are headed to New Orleans to check out the historic, artsy, cajun side of things! Then over to the east coast– finally home :)– to see some family and friends! I can not wait to put my feet up at the Ritz and then seriously enjoy some beach time! I am super excited to see Blake’s reaction to the ocean too! He has seen it before, but as he gets older and is more aware his facial expressions are to die for!! Wish us luck on our two day drive and I will hopefully have another blog on traveling with toddlers if this trip proves to be successful {Well, with all my planning skills coming straight from Pinterest!}.


So I made these ahhmazing muffins for our trip and they are sitting in the kitchen now, taunting me!! Along with all the fresh fruits, chicken salad, and even my pumpkin granola bites I made, these are sure to go first! We have been having… I guess you could say “muffin with-drawls” since starting clean eating with food allergies, so when I say these are going to be gobbled up quick… I.Mean.It   Ha!

So to get to the good stuff: Awesome blogger {Megan} and her awesome page {AllergyFreeAlaska} and her Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins! Thanks for stopping by!


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