Melt in Your Mouth- Turkey Casserole


This was one of those accidental, wasn’t measuring, last minute, just throw something together meals that turned out to be a surprising success! I have made several paleo, allergy-free versions of shepherds pie in the past {that is what this was going to be} but none of them seemed to taste complete to me. I used to load stuff down with cheese to get that ooey-gooey- melt in your mouth texture, so making some meals {like casseroles} just don’t seem to satisfy my taste buds anymore. But with one change in my recipe I was able to accidentally get the ooey-gooey back! And it was Ahhhhmazing! I was thrilled to taste how creamy this casserole was without using anything dairy!!! No need for noodles either! It was just meat and veggies…. and a complete accidental delicious dinner!


F.Y.I. — This will take up both pots and baking dishes so even though it is satisfying for your taste buds, it isn’t a good meal if you don’t feel like doing dishes 😉

Turkey Casserole


1 lb ground turkey

1 medium yellow onion

6-8 carrots

1 cup frozen green beans

1/4 cup chicken broth -I used left over chicken broth I had frozen and saved from a roasted chicken

3 red potatoes

Coconut oil

Spices: sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil, thyme, sage


  1. Wash, peel, and slice your carrots.
  2. Peel onion, and half. First half: lay on flat side and slice (((( Second half: chop
  3. Wash, peel, and using a big cheese shredder, shred your potatoes.
  4. Preheat oven to 375


  1. In a skillet heat 1 T coconut oil over medium-high. Add carrots, green beans, and onion slices. Stir often until carrots start to soften. Put into a bowl and set aside. Spice with s&p and {about 2 shakes each- sorry for the lack of measuring } basil, thyme
  2. In the same heated skillet brown ground turkey with chopped onions. Spice with {lots of} garlic powder, sage {little bit} and pepper
  3. Put potatoes into a pot and put enough water in them to just cover them. Bring to boil and let cook on high until potatoes soften and water is thickened- about 5-7minutes
  4. When potatoes are done put them and their thickened water into a blender -or in our case a baby bullet- with 1T coconut oil and some garlic powder. Blend until whipped and creamy.
  5. In a medium casserole dish add browned meat and cooked veggies- mixed.
  6. Pour potato mixture over top of the mix- trying to cover as much as you can.
  7. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes.


Doubled the recipe and made this for my family while on vacation and it was a hit! Took advantage of the photo-op too….


And for dessert… Organic red wine with some dark chocolate!


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