Avocado Alfredo {Dairy-Free}

After days of craving some sort of pasta dish I finally caved!!! Spaghetti squash was not going to fill this emptiness in my italian soul..as Blake would say…Oh-no! This emptiness could only be filled by something with a little more substance. So I keep the pantry stocked with some sort of gluten-free rice noodle for moments like this one. Aaaand because my wonderful husband cooked baked chicken last night for dinner, that took the extra step out of preparing this lunch today! All I had to do was pull the chicken off of the bone and voila! I added a few fresh lemon slices, threw it into a baking dish, covered it with foil and let the chicken heat up while I prepared the sauce. Any garlic chicken recipe would do for this recipe, though. Oh! Yes. The sauce….


Avocado Alfredo

1 avocado

1/2 T minced garlic

1.5 cups dry spinach


1 t coconut oil

4 T water

onion powder


dash of sea salt

gluten-free noodles of choice {I used rice noodles}

chicken* optional


– rinse, half, and pit avocado

– spoon out ripe avocado meat into a blender

– add garlic, EVOO, water, spices to taste

– blend until just combined {it will be a creamy smooth consistency}

– sautee spinach over medium heat in coconut oil then remove from heat

– add cooked noodles and “alfredo” sauce to sautéed spinach

– stir and Enjoy!

–We topped ours with a delicious lemon garlic chicken but any chicken recipe would probably work!


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