Cinnamon Chicken

No Nuts, Eggs, Dairy, Grain, Gluten, Soy or Refined Sugar

This was such a delicious and easy recipe that I couldn’t NOT share it with you guys!

Perfect Cinnamon Chicken

1- 28oz can diced organic tomatoes (we use Muir Glen brand)

the best chicken you can get– we bought a whole chicken that was separated already and used all of it

coconut oil

one onion chopped*


2 cinnamon sticks

2 bay leaves

garlic powder

onion powder



Pour can of tomatoes into the bottom of your roasting pan

Place chicken over top of the tomatoes

Spread the coconut oil over the top of the whole chicken {or chicken pieces}

Add desired amount of spices- garlic, onion, pepper

Place one cinnamon stick and one bay leaf in the tomato on both sides of the pan – to evenly disperse flavor

Cover pan with lid and place in a oven heated to 375 for however long it will take to cook your chicken pieces– like I said before we cooked  whole chicken separates and it took about an hour– until your meat thermometer reads 180/poultry setting

Serve chicken over top of stew tomatoes and ENJOY!




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