Allergy Free Paleo Stuffing


This was a very good dinner! And I am not just saying that because I cooked it! 😉 I know its not Thanksgiving yet, but I had to start working on this now so I will have it down in time for the holidays! It is not your typical stuffing made with gluten infested bread… its base is actually made of meat, not bread! (Whaaaaat??) So, with that being said, you could skip the whole Thanksgiving meal and make this a weekly casserole dish for dinner and have a complete balance of protein and carbs too!! It is packed with those rich savory flavors of typical stuffing with out making you feel like you need to a nap afterwards {you always thought it was the turkey, huh?}! So relax!! No extra gym session with this meal. Just good, clean, allergy free food. Gotta love paleo!

Allergy Free- Paleo Stuffing


1 lb ground pork

2 green apples- chopped

1 onion-chopped

2 cups celery-chopped

1 cup chopped mushrooms

1/4 cup chicken homemade chicken stock

1 T coconut oil

1/2 t dried rosemary

2 t ground sage

1 t thyme

1T ground flax seed

3 T water

Sea salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350

-brown pork in a dutch oven or pan

-in a small dish add flax and water. stir for a minute then set aside

-in separate pan heat coconut oil and rosemary over medium for about 5 minutes, remove from heat, then strain out the dried rosemary (this allows the rosemary flavor into the oil with out the crunch. If you like the crunch then feel free to leave it in! Just don’t burn the rosemary!)

-add chicken stock, onion, celery, rosemary infused coconut oil, and spices to pork and heat over medium heat until the juices are almost gone, stir occasionally

-add apples and mushrooms, stir

-remove from stovetop and place in oven (in either your oven safe dutch oven or pour into a casserole dish) for 30 minutes

-remove from oven, stir with fork or fork like spatula and ENJOY!






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