A Little Toddler Craft


Soft: cotton balls- small and large, pipe cleaner {oOoo bendy), bag of rice (wait is this hard or soft?) ; Hard: Sandpaper (in the corners), noodles, cinniman stick (smell it), buttons, craft eyes

This is a little craft that I made for Blake yesterday morning! It was super simple and I just used random things around the house to teach him some of his senses! He knows his blanket is soft {and he rubs his little nose on it…too CUTE} but I wanted to show him the difference between hard and soft and attach that to certain objects {like noodle:hard, cotton ball:soft…you get the drift}. I’m hoping this will help with his vocabulary too! I through the cinnamon stick on there to spice things up a bit {pun intended ;)} and to add a little scent to the board. He loves it too so that is a big plus!! And of course, we stuck with allergy free materials like using rice noodles and gluten free rice!


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