It’s all about the Honey, honey, honey…

We just want the Honey, honey, honey!! 20130704-121231.jpgHello, sweet honey season! My favorite local honey sellers have produced another batch of pure raw honey! I bought 2 quarts of honey from them last year and not only did it last me a while {boy did that take some will power} but it was amazing! So, to say the least, I was anxiously waiting for there next batch of honey to be ready this season so I could stock up yet again!! They have pints for $6 and quarts for $10. They are located out of Bossier City, La and do several drop offs through out the area. For my LA folks, if interested, their number is (318)747-6544 — Or you can find them here (just send them a message)! Tell them I sent you!!  For my out of state peeps… well I guess if you want to taste some of this honey a visit to the great state of Louisiana is in order:)

Benefits of Raw Honey

great immune system booster

has been found to contain anti-cancer properties

helps relieve arthritis pain

 assists in relieving ailments like yeast infection and athletes foot

promotes digestive health

helps with allergies

++ I can not emphasize enough that these properties have only been found in RAW honey and not pasteurized and processed honey++


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