Blueberry Pickin’ Kinda Day

Ohhh, let me tell ya about this family adventure!! We are always trying to find healthy, fun, and budget friendly things to do as a family and I think this topped the list! Blake LOVES {that may be an understatement} blueberries and we always have to get him some from the farmers market… so after a little research online I found a fairly close blueberry orchard and planned our trip!

He had SO much fun roaming up and down the isles picking {and eating, oops ;)} his berries, I don’t even think he minded the heat of the morning sun beating down on us! It not only gives us a fun family activity, but I like to think that it teaches him a little about farming. –Mainly the fun part of it {picking/eating} but he isn’t even two!– He got to see where blueberries come from and some of the process it takes to make them appear at the commissary!  Let me just say, too, that my sweet little boy didn’t mind one bit any of the bugs, grass, or bushes he had to dig through… he was going to get his berries! He would occasionally get an unripe red berry and I could see it out of the corner of my eye get spit it out and dribble down his chin, but then he would carry on and soon learned that the ones that taste yummy are the big blue ones! {My grandma would be proud!}

It offered a bit of peacefulness for me and the hubby too. I grew up picking berries with my grandma in the U.P. of Michigan so I was all too familiar with berry picking {the good and the bad}. It made me miss being in the country. It made me miss the small town feel of a place and the ability to sneak away and just think.  John, however, hadn’t had too much exposure… and for a beginner, he was good! I could see the peaceful feeling creeping up on him too. The openness of the country is a bit addicting and if you have ever experienced it then you know what I am referring to.

Overall, it was a successful family morning! We brought home about a gallon of fresh blueberries for about $10, {beats the farmers market at $7.50/qt} ate a bowl, and froze the rest! Once I get my allergy friendly oats in the mail I will be working on a homemade-clean version of  blueberry pancakes! Keep an eye out! Happy Fourth of July!!

This is what we picked.

This is what we picked.

Bagged and ready to freeze!

Bagged and ready to freeze!

To Freeze:

Lay fresh blueberries out on a sheet pan

Pick out any bugs, leaves, stems

Scoop into freezer safe bags

Label and freeze

To Use:

Pull out of freezer, rinse and use immediately

(we freeze about 1cup to a bag)


10 thoughts on “Blueberry Pickin’ Kinda Day

  1. I learned another easy way to freeze blueberries. I rinse and clean mine in a colonor a few at a time and lay them on a bleached white towel to air dry. Normally takes just a few minutes. Then – remember that bacon frying contraption someone gave you for your microwave way back when – well I dug mine out and after a deep cleaning – put the blueberries in the grooves of the pan and put them in the freezer. After about an hour, they are ready to be measured and placed in freezer bags. I usually measure them to 1 cup. I also planted blueberry plants two years ago and out of the four I planted 2 have survived the extreme weather bouts we’ve had.

    • Sounds interesting! 🙂 I am all about the convenience of just tossing them in the bags and freezing them but that will come in handy if I need them to be washed prior to freezing! Thank you! – I can’t wait to have a home where I can grow some of my own stuff!!

    • Hillcrest in Gloster Louisiana! They had massive blackberries too!! We didn’t stay long enough to pick those too but I saw people carrying buckets of, possibly, the biggest blackberries I have seen! 😊

      • Oh my gosh! Okay, so that is it, I am going! At that price, it would be crazy not to fill the freezer for this autumn when its like 8 bucks for half a pint at the grocery store.

      • Yes!! That is our plan too! They are only open for the rest of July though, so get in while they still have good ones! Thanks for stopping by my page!

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