It’s a Pinners World…

And I’m just living in it! I swear!! I looked around my house tonight and noticed all the “pin-worthy” stuff in almost every room! Some of it was my creativeness and the rest was other people creativeness that I found on Pinterest! So I just wanted to post a few pictures and share all the craft-tastic ideas I have gotten from the fabulous addiction most of you are familiar with!


– I got a bunch of these to use as wedding decor. This is how I have upcycled them around the casa: Left- pen holder Top Right- Vase Bottom Right- spearmint bath salts to scare off bugs on the patio…. or you could just keep it in the bathroom! {giggles}


Made a car track out of painters tape for Blake! He had a BLAST!! Great Pinterest find!


Spell out a word or name with painters tape on a canvas and let your little one finger paint over it! Then take the tape off and viola!!

This is what a little sand from the dollar store and some matching candles can get ya! Top left: I put the tub with sand and candles on the porch for a little ambiance. Right: put sand into the vase along with some shells my husband brought home from his last deployment, added the candles on top and set them out for all to see!


Oh! Who doesn’t love the nursery letters wrapped in yarn?!? A classic done right!


No more smushed fingers or slammed doors!!


Okay– this one is a little odd but still cute for an odd spot that can always use pictures!! A ruler, corks, a clasp found on the back of an old frame, and hot glue gun!


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