Loaded Hot Dog

Since I have finally been able to find grass-fed, caisen free AND organic beef hotdogs we have had no problem treating ourselves on the weekends with some good ole’ grilled dogs! Aaaaand when the Hubs isn’t home…. well… I boil them! {Haven’t mastered the grill yet!} Either way, they are delish and we have fun finding creative ways to dress them up! These are loaded with sauteed kale and minced onions. Then topped with an organic preservative free dijon mustard! The combination was pretty close to perfect!!



Loaded Hot Dog


Coconut oil

1 bunch of kale

1 onion minced

3T vegetable broth

minced garlic clove


Sauteed Kale:

-rinse kale and remove from stalk

-tear into pieces

-heat coconut oil over medium heat

-add kale

-let the kale saute a few minutes and just before it has softened all the way (kale takes longer than softer greens like spinach) add in your broth, 1/2 your minced onions, and garlic

-let the flavors soak into the kale and soften the rest of the way

-remove from heat and pepper to taste

Hot Dog:

-after cooking hot dog {boil, or grill} top with sauteed kale

-sprinkle some fresh minced onion on top and serve with dijon mustard



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