Spinach Onion & Beef Soup

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner… most of the time! And after a while of eating the same beef based recipes I like to change things up a bit. So last night I ventured into a creative mom trance and decided on making this Spinach Onion and Beef Soup.

…I know what your thinking… Soup… in the summer?? Yes!! And even though it is like the Sahara Dessert outside, the inside of our home is freezing! So soup works for us 🙂 Even in the heat packed summa time!

Soup, soup, soup!

Soup, soup, soup!

We eat a lot of beef around here!! I mean… a lot!! At first it was to keep things budget friendly because  “clean” chicken can be a bit pricey, but then we found out when you are buying the farm raised good stuff, beef is more nutritional than most chicken! It’s all about the quality of the fats your meat contains. And when you are purchasing from the right farm with the best standards you can be sure the quality of fat found in your food is not something you just toss out!  If you want to read a little more about this and how vital good fat is for your body you do so here!

Spinach Onion & Beef Soup


1 lb ground beef

4 onions – I used a variety of red and yellow

2 cups organic spinach leaves

3 cups vegetable broth- beef would work too

1 t dijon mustard

coconut oil

garlic clove

2 bay leaves



-Peel and half onions. Then lay on their flat side and slice (thin).

-Heat 2T coconut oil in pan and add onions. Let onions caramelize, stirring occasionally (about 10 minutes).

-In a separate pot brown beef with a little pepper.

-Once onions are done add them into the soup pot with browning beef (do not drain).

-Add broth, garlic, mustard and stir.

-Add bay leaves and let simmer for about 15-30 minutes.

-Add spinach leaves and stir.



2 thoughts on “Spinach Onion & Beef Soup

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