“Veggie” Burgers

OkOk… so most of you know me enough to know I wouldn’t dare eat a burger that didn’t include some kind of meat! I am a sucker for high quality beef/meat! I called this a “veggie” burger because I have a toddler that is putting up a fairly good fight and refusing to eat his veggies. I am all about making sure he knows I wont give up either {uhm… hello! Where do you think you get your stubbornness from, son?} so when I serve these trick burgers to him he also gets a side of some kind of veggie {like broccoli}. Even though I know at this point he still wont eat them, I put them there hoping maybe one day he will.

Either way– I want him to get some sort of veggie so I spruced up our burger recipe. He loves his burgers so I knew this would work!! Long story short:

Boy wont eat veggies. Boy likes burgers. Mom is genius. Mom makes “veggie” burgers. Boy LOVES them!

Not So Veggie Burgers

coconut oil

1 lb grass-fed, grass finished ground beef



1 small red onion

1 small zucchini {although it may have been a cucuzza- the farmers market seller sold it as zucchini}

1 clove garlic {or garlic powder will do}

Pepper to taste

Cook it:

-dice your onion and -using a cheese grater- shred your zucchini

-dice your garlic

-add your onion, zucchini, garlic and pepper into your thawed ground beef

-form into patties

-heat coconut oil on a large skillet

-cook burgers until done {about 10 minutes} I even let it cook with a lid on after the first flip to make sure your veggies are cooked all the way. Then I took the lid off and flipped one more time and let the burgers brown a little more.

-let burgers rest for 5 minutes to soak up juices



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