Vacation Bacon

….Good Morning

So this morning I decided I would go ahead and test out the bacon cooking technique that could potentially make my stay at home mom job a little easier. I took a vacation from pan frying my bacon and decided to try out the oven method.

So far nothing has caught on fire or cooked to a crisp  {I mean… I love my bacon crispy but there is a limit!}

Also pan frying is usually my go to method because I can keep an eye on the bacon pieces I cook for Blake so they don’t get crispy. He is a lover of bacon {who isn’t?!} but has a hard time with the crispy bits…



  • Bacon

Line bacon a an edges baking pan. Place bacon in a cold oven -center rack-  and set oven to 375.

Allow to cook from 15-20 minutes depending on thickness if bacon and how you like it cooked.


So the first time you may need to lounge in the kitchen to make sure your not burning everything but after that you should be golden!

Pull bacon off pan and place onto a few paper towels to dry off.

Vacation Bacon

Vacation Bacon

This worked GREAT and will be done way more often! The pieces were perfectly cooked and not too hard for Blake to chew. The pan wasn’t hard to clean with burnt on bacon crisp. The stove top wasn’t covered in bacon grease. I got to cook several pieces at once. & Last but not least.. I didn’t have to stand there the entire time flippin bacon! So a BIG thanks to whoever came up with oven cooked “Vacation Bacon”. 




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