Avocado Salsa

Hey there! I am so in love with this salsa that I am almost positive I could eat it all in one sitting if I let myself!

We put it on our bacon burgers the other day and it was amazing!! We also like it on taco squash, fajitas, or any other Mexican dish you can make:) And Blake LOVES avocado so getting him to eat it is a synch! A fave go-to side dish for a great allergy free, clean eating summer meal! It doesn’t hurt that it’s super easy to make too;)

We don’t keep it in the fridge long… maybe a day, but it usually doesn’t last much longer than that anyways:)


2 Avocado peeled, cored and cut into chunks
1 large tomato(ripe) cut into chunks
3 T red onion minced
1 T cilantro
2 cloves minced garlic
Lime juice from one lime

Mix all ingredients together and chill until ready to eat!!




3 thoughts on “Avocado Salsa

  1. What a delectable food creation. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad I came across your blog. It is very informative in respects to food and cooking in the kitchen.

    I would like to invite you to view my blog, Fun with Food http://www.savorthefood.com/blog .

    We hope to have you as a reader. Mean time I look for to future post from Healthy Allergy Nut.

    I am going to mention your blog to my nephew as he has lots of allergies. He will like your blog.


    • Thanks so much! It is a favorite in my home and full of great “super-foods” too!! I am sorry to hear about your nephews food allergies. Hopefully I have a recipe that he will be able to enjoy!

      Thanks again for your feedback! It is very appreciated 🙂

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