Raspberry Chocolates

Everyone that follows a clean eating lifestyle knows how hard it is to find some decent chocolate! When you look at the first few ingredients of your store-bought chocolate bar {even from a health food store} you are probably thinking “Eh, looks healthy enough”, but you are never quiet sure what the extra additives are at the end of the list. It can cramp your sweet tooth style quickly when you are true to your healthy ways like I am. Also, I know that dark chocolate is actually good for you, in moderation, but when it comes to the allergy end of things i have yet to find a bar that isn’t “made in the same facility as”…well…almost everything!

So to solve my little dilemma I decided that I was just going to make some of my own:) At first it started with just a plain chocolate, but I love to have a little something extra in my chocolate! My latest obsession, before cutting store-bought treats out of my diet, was raspberry chocolate! I love the combination of the two.


Fix that sweet tooth with these Raspberry Chocolate bars

Fix that sweet tooth with these Raspberry Chocolate bars

Raspberry Chocolates

1/3 c Pure Maple Syrup

2/3 c Organic Raspberries (fresh or frozen)… add a little more for more flavor!

2/3 c Coconut Oil

1/2 t Pure Vanilla Extract

2/3 c Cocoa- Unsweetened and Allergy Free

Raspberry Sauce:

Heat maple syrup to a boil on stove top. Add raspberries and reduce to a simmer. Stir. Dont let heat for more than 15 minutes, but allow the raspberries to reduce down. Continue to stir to ensure that your sauce isn’t sticking to the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and set aside.


Whip your coconut oil (I usually leave it in its solid state) and vanilla. Add cocoa (measured like flour– spooned into measuring cup and leveled off) and let mix, scraping down the sides of your bowl once.

Once your chocolate base is mixed, slowly add in your raspberry sauce while the mixer is running. This will melt your chocolate mix and that is ok. Just make sure the mixtures are completely combined.

To cool:

This can be played with and is totally up to you! You can cool your chocolate with a candy tray if you have a freezer safe one, or you could add it to mini cupcake holders to resemble chocolate cups!! I have also lined a dish with parchment paper and let it freeze as a solid, thin (about 1/4-1/2 in) whole chocolate. After it freezes I break it into chunks, like a brittle!

To store:

Store this chocolate in the freezer!! This is important to keep it in its perfect solid state. It wont be too hard to eat right away when you pull it out of the freezer like most chocolates! Yay! But you wont really be able to stick it in your purse for an on-the-go snack. It should last quiet a while too if you just snack on it occasionally, but being that this is a deliciously guilt free snack… im sure it will disappear fast:)

(pictures to come soon)

Happy Monday:)


As promised!! Pics are in!


This is your maple and raspberry reduction!


Coconut oil and cocoa mixture


What it looks like when all ingredients are mixed


Pour over wax paper in a 9×13 baking dish


Refrigerate and try not to eat!!

Thanks for stopping by again!! And if you try this one out please let me know what you think!! I love to hear from ya!!


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