Rosemary Roasted Chicken

No Nuts, Eggs, Dairy, Soy, Grains, Gluten or Refined Sugar!

So in lieu of  the traditional Easter ham that most people prepare, I am doing my oh! so yummy roasted chicken!

I haven’t found a farmer around that I can get a really good ham from {bummer} and this is this next best thing in my house!


Before my lifestyle change to clean eating I was all about convenient chicken in a bag and the thought of roasting a chicken was on my “never to do” list, but really only for convenience sake. Eventually I broke and bought a roasting pan – nothing fancy, just a cheapo from Target– mainly because I bought like three whole chickens from a local farm and had nothing to cook them in;). Surprisingly enough it is so simple to roast a chicken! There is tons of room for creativity! I am going to go with my recipe that left my son clapping and “Mmmm-ing” the entire meal:)

Rosemary Roasted Chicken

Preheat oven to 375


1 whole chicken {ours was 2.5lbs}
Olive oil
Fresh rosemary, about two sprigs
Onion powder
Dash of sage
Mini carrots* Onion* Potatoes*   —  optional sides to cook in same pot

Rinse chicken. Mine has all the other inside mess removed already {yay!}. Pat dry.
Sadly, I don’t measure my spices. What I can tell you is you will need about 2T oil and then add your dry spices. Usually i just do a few shakes of each spice and use sage sparingly. Then I rub the entire chicken down with oil/spice mix and place in roaster with the legs up. Gently rinse your fresh rosemary and place in the cavity of your chicken. Add your extra sides into the pan if your doing the whole meal together {we like onions sliced, mini carrots, and quartered yellow potatoes}! Place top on roaster and place in hot oven.

Now, because we had a 2.5lb chicken {which is good for about 3-4 ppl} it only needed to cook for an hour. Yes, just an hour! I think the rule is 20 minutes per pound, but A meat thermometer will tell you if it’s done. Just stick in a meaty section of your chicken and be sure it’s not resting on a bone. Some people take the lid off for the last fifteen minutes or so to let chicken skin darken a bit, but mine tends to darken with the top on so this one less step for me:)


I hope you and your family enjoy this healthy, allergy free, Easter dinner as well as the quality family time! Have a blessed weekend y’all:)



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