Bacon and Apple Fry

This has been my latest addiction for breakfast since I need to lay off the grains. It makes my house smell like a mixture between Christmas and Mamas potpourri 🙂 It also doesn’t hurt that this meal really doesn’t require much thinkin’ so early in the morning….and of course it is allergy free:)

Bacon and Apple Fry
 Bacon {chopped... Or not} 2-4 pieces
 2 Organic Apples
 Stevia or maple syrup*

…sounds simple right?!

Start bacon in large frying pan over med heat. While bacon is starting to cook- rinse, core, and slice two apples. {I have one of those doohickeys you can use to do it all at once! They don’t cost much at the store}
After your apples are ready, your bacon should be sizzling, toss them in! Reduce heat to med low. Stir with a wooden spoon to ensure your bacon doesn’t crisp. Add a little cinnamon and continue stirring until desired doneness:) Once removed from heat add either your stevia or maple syrup to sweeten! Enjoy!

This would also be great with some organic peaches thrown in! I can’t wait to scoop some up when I start seeing them!
Also- another tip- save your pan leftovers! This sweet oil would be great over a bacon salad later on!!!



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