Paleo Chicken Salad

Why? You ask…. Because this chicken salad is so much healthier for you and you won’t even miss the mayonnaise!

There was a time I thought that nothing could take the place of mayo. That meals like chicken salad just wouldn’t taste the same. Now I can’t think of going back!



Not only have we got a healthy meal but this is one if Blake’s faves! {Hello, allergy friendly…friend:)}. And Mama friendly cause it takes a matter of minutes to make when you have leftover chicken in the fridge — which we always do.

Ok! So let’s get down to it !


One chicken breast- precooked and lightly seasoned (maybe some garlic, pepper, onion)
^ can chicken could work too^
One avocado
Lime juice
Sea salt & pepper
Garlic powder
— if I have a green onion it’s a great addition to this recipe

Chunk or shred your chicken with two forks
Peel and chop avocado
Mix the two together. Add a squeeze of lime juice (fresh or fridge)
Dash of sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder
Mix and enjoy!

So simple:)

Thanks for following!



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